The Our Family Wizard Website Review

So you’re going through, or have just recently gone through, a bad divorce. Tensions between your current or soon-to-be ex are higher than ever during this time. Communicating with your ex may not be something you enjoy doing, but it is both necessary and critical for the sake of your children. At a younger age, children are especially impressionable and vulnerable, which means that the events that are occurring within the family have the potential to affect them psychologically. It is important to communicate with your ex during this time in order to create and coordinate an easy-to-manage an effective co-parenting plan. In the end, a good co-parenting plan can greatly reduce conflict between your co-parent and yourself, which will greatly benefit the health and wellbeing of your children.

The Our Family Wizard Website® provides parents with a new way to manage all of the details that come with shared parenting. It is a unique website designated to facilitating communications between divorced or separated parents. Our Family Wizard is committed to removing conflict and improving the lives of the children involved.

The website is regularly updated with improvements and new features to make sharing a custody related information, schedules and expenses even easier.  A great deal of the site's features have been developed over the last 10 years from the feeback of both the family and professional subscribers.  The Our Family Wizard website stands alone as a robust set of tools that could help even families who aren't dealing with divorce. 

OFW Features Reviewed

the reviews are in, Our Family Wizard has the best child custody schedule tools• Co-parenting Calendar Review - This feature is great because it allows you to coordinate your complete shared parenting schedule all in one place. By removing any unnecessary confusion between your co-parent and yourself, there is less of a chance for conflict to arise. After playing around with this tool you will find out that it’s actually very powerful and very user friendly. The calendar is fully customizable meaning it is very flexible while also well documented. Both co-parents have access to the same calendar allowing them to schedule and view upcoming events, keep accurate records for each event that occurs, and even trade days with one another if there is a scheduling conflict.

Documented divorce communications through the secure message board• Message Board Review - Our review of the Our Family Wizard message board showed us that it acted much like an email account on the front end, but on the back end it is very different from standard email. This feature allows you to communicate with any or all of your family accounts. Unlike regular email, there is no chance that any past emails can be tampered with (which actually happens quite often between divorced couples). This means that all information sent between co-parents acts as accurate and reliable documentation if needed for future use.

Track and pay shared expenses, child support payments, unreimbursed medical and more.• Expense Log Review - This unique feature called OFWpay™ allows both parties to make documented, electronic payments on shared expenses. The expense log allows the co-parents to automatically split expenses listed in the expense log based on their child support agreement. The Our Family Wizard Website® made this feature extremely user-friendly. We no longer need a degree in calculus to make our payments. After conducting the review, it is obvious that by taking out the child support phone calls and check writing, conflict between both co-parents can be significantly reduced.

• Info Bank Review – The Our Family Wizard info bank is a place for you to store all important documentation and information pertaining to your children. It is a great way to have all of your children’s information in one place as well as update the information so that both co-parents can reference the information when needed, eliminating any chance of miscommunication.

Accuracy of Documentation is Extremely Important

In many cases, arguments between co-parents may start small and then get blown out of proportion. By keeping accurate documentation through each feature that Our Family Wizard provides, there is absolutely no room for miscommunication. Every record is stamped with who made it and when it was made. This can save co-parents time and money since many disputes can now be settled outside of court by simply consulting the accurate documentation.  Business affadavits of records stored on the website can be prepared to make getting them accepted into the court's records even easier.

Additional Third Party Account Access

In addition to two co-parent accounts, children and professionals may also create accounts with Our Family Wizard free of charge. All accounts pertaining to one family are connected to one another. Child accounts have a limited view, which keeps them out of any conflict that may arise between the two co-parent accounts. Professionals may also be given access to the family accounts in order to monitor and see how the family is doing with their co-parenting.

Our Family Wizard is Striving to Eliminate Conflict, Not Create More

Our Family Wizard started out over ten years ago with one goal in mind, to reduce conflict in shared parenting families. Many companies that provide similar services to co-parenting families have some sort of statistical tracking integrated into their tools. For example, after filling out the calendar, they may show you that your co-parent will be spending 60.28% of the month with your child while you are only spending 39.72% of the time with your child. They also provide this statistical with expenses and so on. This tends to only create more conflict between co-parents by making parenting a competition. 

The Our Family Wizard mission is to be recognized as the co-parenting network that enriches family relationships through better organization and communication. After a short review, it is clear that they strive to provide the best tools for co-parents to communicate and organize their lives, with the end goal being a safe and reliable environment for the children involved. If you and your ex-spouse are having difficulties with co-parenting then The Our Family Wizard Website® may be just what you need to get back on track with parenting your child. Discuss with industry professionals or visit the Our Family Wizard website for more information.

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