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The best co-parenting tools available

The OFW website offers divorced or separated parents an array of tools to easily schedule and track parenting time, share important family information, manage expenses as well as create an accurate, clear log of divorce communication.


More than just an online custody calendar or visitation schedule

The OFW® website reduces divorce conflict between you and the other parent by providing a central, secure location to document and share important information about your family. Schedule parenting time, share vital information and manage expenses like un-reimbursed medical all through OFW®.

Testimonials and Seals

OFW® won the 2012 Reader's Choice Award winner in About.com's "Best Online Communication Tool for Co-Parents" contest

This site has been a Godsend!!   My ex was required to use this software at my request during custody hearing.   For 5 months he refused
to upload any expenses and refused to pay any medical bills that I incurred for our daughter.   This software was his undoing during contempt hearing. Not only was I able to prove that he knew he was required to pay, but that it was willful.   I won legal fees, court costs, and medical bills.   And more importantly, I think his behavior should improve from here on out!

- S. H. on 4/30/15

This website was a life saver!! We would receive harassing text and phone calls from the ex on an everyday basis. Through the monitoring of OFW this no longer continues. It has allowed freedom and peace of mind in our household. Truly a wonderful website and I recommend it to others who face the same issues.

- A. Weiland on 11/13/13

Blog Posts

10 hours 28 min ago
Across the globe, millions of families are split between two houses due to a divorce or separation.  While the parents stay grounded in their own houses, it is the children who must pack up and divide their lives between the two. This can be incredibly exhausting for a child at any age, from a preschooler who always seems to forget his favorite... Read More
2 days 10 hours ago
After a divorce or separation, it isn't uncommon for children display some behavioral issues. A child acting out shouldn't come as a complete surprise because after all, a divorce or separation is a challenging obstacle for the entire family to go through. Depending on age and other variables, children aren't always emotionally mature enough to... Read More
1 week 2 days ago
Keeping track of spending related to your child can prove to be a tedious task for any parent, but this responsibility can prove to be twice as tedious (not to mention, complicated) for divorced or separated parents.  Even if you can say that your current relationship with your co-parent is amicable, disagreements surrounding money have a... Read More

Expense toolJoint or shared child custody schedule, low or high conflict divorce, can be improved by using the OFW® website.

Whether you are separated by long distance or are living in the same house, the OFW® website provides a central location for parents to document custody calendars and visitation schedules, communicate via messaging, log family vital information, and track expenses and reimbursement requests.  Condensing divorce communication to OFW® will shield your children from divorce conflict and keep your family moving forward.


OFW® can help with difficult situations where there is restricted parental contact, as in the case with orders for protection, restraining orders and non-contact orders.  Protect your privacy and keep the other parent informed about your child.


The Our Family Wizard website is the only custody solution to offer feature rich web access, as well as apps for Android® and iPhone®. The free OFW mobile apps give you unprecedented access to your family's information from your mobile device.


End high conflict parenting, through documented divorce communications you can manage joint custody schedules and parenting time calendars with ease on the Our Family Wizard website

Divorced, separated or never married? Shared custody, parenting time and visitation schedules made easy.  Communicate, organize and manage all of your family information, share messages, journals, expenses and more.


Keep children out of the middle of custody conflict by keeping them out of the middle of divorce communications.

Children should be shielded from divorce communications and should not be used as messengers.  Keep children out of the middle of conflict while keeping them in the loop with the right co-parenting tool.


Avoid costly child custody calendar battles in court with documentation of divorce communications. 


You can use the OFW® website to track divorce communications, child custody calendars, visitation schedules, parenting time, shared expenses and more.  Every page is stamped with the last time both parents viewed the page, and every entry is documented with who made it and when.  The OFW® website produces clear, compelling records for court.  Our co-parenting tools are recommended by courts throughout the USA and Canada.


Increase the peace, end high conflict parenting in divorce and shield your children. |


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