Jeannette Green

Our Family Wizard was a very useful tool for us as we began to co-parent our child in two homes.  It helped us to communicate in a way that was productive.  Knowing that it could be viewed by a judge or mediator, it encouraged us to be responsible in our communication and held us accountable. In a high conflict situation, Our Family Wizard was a neutral zone for communication instead of texting, emails, or phone conversations. For anyone starting out on their co-parenting journey where tension tends to run high, I recommend this tool.  I found the subscription price to be nominal for the peace of mind it brought me, and I signed up for 2 years at the get go. Shaleen in customer support is amazing at helping you learn how to get the most out of the tool.  Co-parenting does get better and more peaceful as time marches on.  This you can count on!