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Connecting with clients is easy with OurFamilyWizard.All the client information you need in one place.


Professional Access gives legal and mental health practitioners a direct view into co-parent communication and the ability to work with clients directly through the OurFamilyWizard website and mobile applications. Once access is granted, professional users can oversee family activity, interact with parents, and gather information to better assist clients. Professionals only need one account to work directly with one client or multiple families on OFW.

Professional Access on OFW was built specifically for family law lawyers, judges, magistrates, mediators, therapists, and other family law and mental health practitioners in order to make working with individual clients and whole families easier for everyone involved.


Connecting is free for both parents and professionals.Professional Access is free.

With a free professional account, you can oversee parent communication on OFW, work directly with families, generate accurate reports, and more. 

Our mobile apps make it easy for you to get the info you need quickly.Keep on top of your clients' needs, no matter where you are.

Mobile apps are available for professional accounts on all iOS devices, making it even easier for you to connect with the parents and families with whom you work. 

Connect to a family already on OurFamilyWizard or create clients' accounts for them.Connect to or create your clients' accounts. 

Quickly create accounts for your clients or connect with parents already using OFW. Optional volume discounts on parent subscriptions are available. With packages designed to fit the size of your practice, you can easily pass savings along to your clients.

Since 2001, OurFamilyWizard has been helping families across the world reduce conflict by simplifying and documenting communication.

• Working with clients is easier than ever with access to one or both parents in a family.

• Control client communication and put a stop to being copied endlessly on conversations between parents.

• Quickly access and print client data when you need it from anywhere with an internet connection.

Get your free professional account today.

Court ordered in 6 Canadian provinces and all 50 states.

Hundreds of family law judges, justices, and magistrates across the United States and Canada are ordering families to use the OurFamilyWizard website in contested cases. The reason is simple: families who use the OurFamilyWizard website do not return to court nearly as often—or in some cases, ever. The right tools can empower parents to handle their own issues in real time. Help create the platform for a long-term communication solution for not only families but for your own practice as well.

Click here to see actual order language showing how family law judges are incorporating the use of the OurFamilyWizard website. 

Accurate records of what was, and what was supposed to be.

To family courts and judges, distinguishing between what was planned versus what actually occurred is important. On OurFamilyWizard, it is easy to make this differentiation. Rules built into the system protect the integrity of the information sent and received in order to present the clearest picture of what was planned in contrast to reality.

Do more with OFW Professional Access• Explore the different features OFW has to offer.

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The best tools for family law professionals


OFW® won the 2012 Reader's Choice Award winner in About.com's "Best Online Communication Tool for Co-Parents" contest

I've been using this website (court ordered) since summer of 2017 and I can't tell you how much I love it.  My ex and I have 2 kids and we've had many issues of email harassment, threats, etc.  Since we've started using your site the issues have been reduced by 95% and it's truly changed my life.  Before this site I had high anxiety every time I...
- OFW Parent on 1/2/18
I have to admit...I felt so intruded on when the courts told us we had to use The Family Wizard App. I am the step-parent in this whole custody stuff and feel a little out of touch and not sure of my place. After using it and training my husband I cannot believe how useful it is!!!! So now I'm ordering these brochures for my church and our...
- Cynthia B on 10/19/17

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