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Account Security Settings

This is the help topic for updating your security code, security question, and security answer through the OFW mobile app. 

For managing other security settings through the OFW mobile app, follow these links:

When signing up for OurFamilyWizard, all users must create their own security code and security question for their accounts. These security settings will be used to verify users if they take advantage of our phone support, available daily, for help with their account.  

Security Setting Requirements

Security code: The security code for your account is a 4-digit number that you choose. Your 4-digit security code should not be a number that you use frequently or that could be easily guessed by another person. The security code is different than the optional quick-access PIN on the OFW mobile app.

Security question: Create a question to which only you would know the answer. Common security questions, such as 'name of first pet' or 'mother's maiden name,' may not be appropriate choices if their answers are readily known by your co-parent. 

Security answer: Provide an answer to your security question. Security answers must be at least 5 characters long.

Updating your security settings

  1. Expand the app menu using the three horizontal bars in the upper left-hand corner, and click on 'My Account.'
  2. Select 'Security'
    1. On Android: Make the desired updates to your security settings.
    2. On iOS: Under the section titled 'Identity Verification,' click the link titled 'Change Identity Verification Options' and make the desired updates.
  3. Click 'Save' in the upper right-hand corner of the app

Learn how to manage your security settings through the website