Tools to simplify shared child custody.

the ofw mobile app is available on the iphone and android, making co-parenting tools even easier to access.

The best custody tools.

The Our Family Wizard website is the only custody solution to offer feature rich web access, as well as apps for Android® and iPhone®. The free OFW mobile apps give you unprecedented access to your family's information from your mobile device.

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End high conflict parenting, through documented divorce communications you can manage joint custody schedules and parenting time calendars with ease on the Our Family Wizard website


Divorced, separated or never married? Shared custody, parenting time and visitation schedules made easy.  Communicate, organize and manage all of your family information, share messages, journals, expenses and more.

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Keep children out of the middle of custody conflict by keeping them out of the middle of divorce communications.


Children should be shielded from divorce communications and should not be used as messengers.  Keep children out of the middle of conflict while keeping them in the loop with the right co-parenting tool. 

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Courts, Judges, Referees and Magistrates are ordering families to use the OurFamilyWizard website in contested shared custody cases in over 40 states.


Empower families to help themselves, track parenting time, reduce divorce conflict and remove the "he said/she said" that keeps families returning to court over joint custody and co-parenting issues.  Court ordered in contested custody cases throughout the USA and Canada.

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Attorneys, lawyers & solicitors empower you clients to manage child custody issues, parenting time and help keep the children out of the middle.


Family law lawyers have to address difficult emotional and financial issues.  Help your clients through their divorce by providing tools that work for managing child custody relationships and parenting time, making the divorce easier for everyone involved.

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Family Professionals, therapists, psychologist, parenting consultants, GAL's can help manage the co-parenting or joint custody relationship with the professional account.

Family Professionals

Empower your clients to move forward, protect the children from divorce conflict.  Quickly setup shared custody calendars, visitation schedules or parenting plans.  Information exchanged is automatically documented.

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Grandparents, grandma, grandpa, third parties can stay involved in the family's parenting time schedule with their own account.


The separation or divorce may have been between the parents, but the OurFamilyWizard third party account makes it easy for grandparents and others to stay in the custody loop.

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Real reviews and testimonials, see what parents are saying:

"Great site. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for all you do to keep this system running each day. I only wish I had discovered you sooner." - Chace's dad.

"The web site is great, my x-husband lives in Mn and we have major communication problems, now my daughter doesn't have to deal with us going between her." - from Heidi

"We love this website and believe it is an amazing tool for parents, especially if they don't get along! The calendar feature is great at keeping your personal appointments in there as a reminder of what may potentially conflict with a parents visitation time and allows the children to also see what appointments or activities are coming up. Great idea!!!" - Shawnna and Chyke

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child custody calendar, visitation schedules or joint custody schedules and parenting time plans made easy.More than just an online custody calendar or visitation schedule

The OFW® website is more than a calendar for divorced parents or just another online custody schedule or visitation calendar; it give you access to an array of tools that allow you to easily schedule and track parenting time, share important family information and expenses as well as create clear divorce communication.

The best co-parenting tools available

The OFW® website reduces divorce conflict between you and the other parent by providing a shared co-parenting tool for scheduling parenting time calendars and visitation schedules, sharing information and managing expenses like un-reimbursed medical bills.

share custody expenses, track child support payments, un-reimbursed medical expenses and more.Joint or shared child custody schedule, low or high conflict divorce, can be improved by using the OFW® website.

It doesn't matter whether you are separated by a long distance or you live in the same house.  The OFW® website provides shared custody calendars and visitation schedules, divorce communications via messaging, journaling, expenses and information management tools that will shield your children from divorce conflict and keep your family moving forward.

The website can help with difficult situations where there is restricted parental contact, as in the case with orders for protection, restraining orders and non-contact orders.  Protect your privacy and keep the other parent informed about your child.

Avoid costly child custody calendar battles in court with documentation of divorce communications. 

You can use the OFW® website to track divorce communications, child custody calendars, visitation schedules, parenting time, shared expenses and more.  Every page is stamped with the last time both parents viewed the page and every entry is stamped with who made it and when it was made.  The OFW® website produces clear, compelling records for court.  Our co-parenting tools are recommended by courts throughout the USA and Canada.

Increase the peace, end high conflict parenting in divorce and shield your children.