Your Healthy Coparenting Blueprint

Coparenting tips from the experts

You have your parenting agreement, you know your schedule, and everything is documented with the courts—so how do you actually make coparenting work?

Our blueprint will give you real advice focused on setting your communication up for success from the very beginning.

What's inside?

Healthy communication is the key to successful coparenting, but how exactly do you transition from your separation to a working partnership centered on your children? In our guide to healthy coparenting, you’ll get:

• 5 top behaviors that cause coparenting communication to fall apart

• Side-by-side comparison of email and text messages versus coparenting app features

• 7 steps for transforming your coparenting with OurFamilyWizard

Better coparenting starts with a better blueprint


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We have 20 years of experience working with and developing tools for parents like you. 

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Protect yourself and keep your family out of court

"I begged multiple judges to order OurFamilyWizard for 7 years for ALL correspondence. It was finally ordered and it put a stop to all the nonsense my ex tried to pull. He can’t edit emails, falsify calendars, or lie about expenses anymore. The relief it gave me is immeasurable. It has cut court appearances in half and has stopped the wasting of my time and the Court’s time."

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Bring order to chaotic communication and refocus your energy

"This app took a chaotic family situation and gave it the peace we needed. Visit schedules, finance tracking, mediator access and so much more. I am so grateful for this app. It has truly kept my kids out of our divorce drama."

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Never miss another beat with your coparenting tasks

"This is great because it keeps everything documented. EVERYTHING. Scheduling, parenting scheduling, visitation scheduling, Dr. Appointments. Delegated duties. Important names, addresses and phone numbers. You can upload files. You can keep a journal of noteworthy happenings or when a co-parent is late or fails to show. You can schedule things months in advance."

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Get essential tips for starting your coparenting off on the right foot.

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