Shared Parenting Expenses

Managing your shared parenting expenses is made easier with the OFW expense log. In this tutorial, learn how to create new expenses, update existing expenses, and respond to expense requests from your co-parent. 

In this tutorial:


Creating a new expense

To create an expense in the expense log, you must first make sure that you have at least one child listed on your account. To check the status of child accounts associated with your own account, go to the User Management section of the My Account tab. Click here for instructions on creating a child account.

  1. Navigate to the Expense Log tab and click the Add Expense button at the top of the Expense Register.
  2. Complete all required fields:
    1. What are you doing: Select whether you would like to request reimbursement or if this is an expense you need to pay.
    2. Title: Label the expense.
    3. Purchase Date: Indicate the date the expense was incurred. This date can be in the past or future.
    4. Category: Assign the expense to a category that accurately reflects how the expense is to be split between you and your co-parent. Don't see a category that reflects the percentages you need? Click here to learn how to create a new expense category.
    5. Amount:  Enter the total for the expense. The category you choose will tell the system how this total should be split. 
    6. Children: Indicate for which child(ren) the expense was incurred. If you do not see any options available in this field, you need to either create or reactivate a child's account. Click here for instructions.
  3. Complete any desired optional fields:
    1. Receipt File: You can upload a single receipt file to each expense. 
    2. Private: If you wish to keep this expense entry private, check this box. When marked as private, only you will be able to see the expense entry details. Private expenses will be marked with a red "P" in the expense register.
  4. Click Save to save your entry to the expense register.



Updating or removing an expense

Note: You can only edit or delete expenses that you have created. Additionally, only expenses that have not been responded to by your co-parent can be edited or deleted.

  1. On your Expense Register, open expenses will have a series of icons listed in the far right column.
    1. Edit:  Click the icon of an envelope with a pencil to edit the expense.
    2. Delete:  Click the icon of an envelope with a red 'X' to remove the expense. 
  2. You can also edit or delete an open expense you created by clicking on the expense's title. Then, click either Edit or Delete in the top right corner.
  3. In the edit expense window, you will be able to update the expense's details. However, if a receipt file was previously uploaded to the expense, you are unable to update the receipt file.
  4. After you are finished, click Save.



Responding to an expense request

There are different actions you can take on an expense request submitted by your co-parent. To respond, go to the Expense Log tab.

  1. Find the expense you want to respond to on the Expense Register page.
    1. Refuse: Refusing an expense informs your co-parent that you do not agree with the details. 
    2. Approve: Approving an expense informs your co-parent that you agree to the request. 
  2. You can mark the expense as refused or approved in one of two ways:
    1. By clicking the corresponding icons to the right of the expense in question.
      1. Approve - Click the dollar sign with the green checkmark if you wish to approve the expense.
      2. Refuse - Click the envelope with the stop sign and hand to refuse the expense. 
    2. By clicking the title of the expense in question to open the View Expense box. Then, click Approve or Refuse.
  3. If you wish to request a receipt be added to this expense, click the link for, "None (Click here to request a receipt be added)".

Note: If you mark an expense as refused, you are still able to mark the expense as approved at a later time. However, once an expense is marked as approved, it cannot be updated to refused.



Expense entry statuses

The status of an expense request will update depending on the actions taken by the co-parents. 

  • Open: Expenses that have not been responded to or had any payment activity will have a status of open.
  • Approved: The co-parent to whom the request was made has agreed with the expense. 
  • Refused:  The co-parent to whom the request was made has refused the expense. 
  • Approved (Payment Unconfirmed): The co-parent responsible for payment has logged a Check-Other payment in the system. The Check-Other payment is waiting for confirmation of receipt by the other co-parent
  • Approved (OFWpay in process):  A payment through OFWpay has been scheduled but not yet completed. 
  • Paid: The expense has been marked as reimbursed or a Check-Other payment has been confirmed by the receiving co-parent. 
  • OFWpaid: A payment has been successfully made for the expense through OFWpay.

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