Custody Website vs. Custody Software

Custody Software or custody website, having a plan can help improve your outcome.

Being able to communicate and share information is a healthy trait in any relationship. In a co-parenting relationship, communication is something can often be lacking or not there altogether. They can have a very hard time sharing important details that are essential to raising their children when emotions are high.


A strong family unit after separation or divorce is certainly possible when both parents are properly executing their parenting responsibilities. Using the right online tool, co-parents are better able to work towards developing a business-like relationship. They will be able to share important information with less conflict or disputing. They will also be better able to demonstrate that they have been fulfilling their parenting responsibilities.


In the past, co-parents didn’t have many options for sharing information. Many times, they would pass a notebook back and forth between households. If not this, they would have to call each other to share details, but this often lead to arguments. Even so, these two strategies were much better than the parents using the children as messengers between their homes. Today, the Internet has opened numerous avenues for communicating across households. Email, online chatting, and video calls are only a few of the ways that co-parents can now share information.


With so many options available, co-parents might not know which means of online communication is the best option for their situation. Tools like email make it hard to find details quickly when they are buried in endless paragraphs. Also, if one parent is more tech savvy than the other, they might choose to share information through means that are difficult for the other parent to use. When informatin is not readily available when either parent needs it, conflict and confusion can quickly ensue.


In high-conflict co-parenting situations, being able to communicate regularly shouldn’t be made to be impossibe. An online custody co-parenting tool like the OurFamilyWizard® website provides an easy way to manage custody schedules and relevant information. In turn, this can help to eliminate confusion and miscommunications between households.


As opposed to web and mobile-based tools, standalone software has disadvantages. It can be less interactive and often needs to be installed in a computer, leaving you with the risk of losing all of your information if your device crashes. A cloud-based custody tool will never make you worry about losing information since it’s all securely stored and always available when you need it. Plus, you never have to think about paying for updates.


In many instances, documents and files like insurance cards, schoolwork, and much more need to be shared, but you want to be sure that the copy you have is always the most updated version. Using the OurFamilyWizard® website, co-parents can verify the date each of their files was uploaded and always upload the newer, lastest versions to share between each other. Shared access to accurate information allows co-parents to make more educated decisions together.


More than sharing information, being able to stay on top of shared expenses can be very helpful in combating confusion. Using the OurFamilyWizard® expense tracking tools, you can create custom categories to help organize your expenses based on how much you and your co-parent are each responsible for. Better yet, co-parents can even reimburse each other through the OurFamilyWizard® website using OFWpay™. This is another simple way to avoid confusion by making documented payments that are documented directly through the website.

Co-parents should have access to the most important information concerning the children any time that it may be needed. The web and mobile-based tools available by the OurFamilyWizard® website are available through any device that has access to the Internet, so co-parents can take their information nearly everywhere they go.