Use the Journal to track important historical information

Accurate family history you can use and share.

Create reports of journal entries to show exactly what needs to be seen in your custody case.

Introducing the OFW Journal.

The OFW Journal is an essential tool for everyone in the family. The main function of this tool is to act as a virtual diary. A diary that works for you. You can keep records for yourself or any other member of your family. The journal can also act as a certified, un-changeable personal incident log.  It can be used to record what happened during an activity or to leave notes afterward.

Choose between shared or private entries.

The OFW Journal is unique from many other virtual journals because users have the option to make their entries either shared or private. There are many benefits to having both shared and private entries. When creating a journal entry, users will have the option to choose which family members will be allowed to view the entry.

Keeping your entries safe and secure.


With the OFW Journal co-parents can be sure that everyone in the family will be protected from lost or stolen journal entries. The journal entries saved through our system are always protected and remain confidential. All of your family’s sensitive information and entries are stored on our very own safe and reliable servers.

Printer friendly.

When you are ready to print the Journal, select the date range and the family members you want to include in the printout. A clearly formatted printable version will be created for you.