Use the Journal to track important historical information

Organize your thoughts with the help of the OFW journal.


Organized, printable reports of your most important thoughts.Never lose track of a single thought.

  • Chronicle ideas and details in an easily searchable and organized format.
  • Take notes you never have to worry about misplacing.
  • Share insights and observations with your co-parent and family professionals.
  • Review your entries anytime to reflect on your co-parenting strategies.
  • Note last minute changes to your schedule for later reference.

Choose when you want to keep your thoughts private versus when you want to share your insights.Keep your thoughts private or share your insights.

The OFW Journal is a customizable platform that allows you to decide if your entries are private or shared with your co-parent, legal professionals, or children. With that flexibility, you can use the OFW Journal for a number of purposes. Document your private thoughts, share notable happenings with your co-parent, or track last-minute changes to your schedule.


With journaling, stay on top of your family's health and well-being.Keep track of your family's well-being and emotional health.

Keeping a journal during your separation can help you process your emotions and solidify your thinking about your parenting, communication techniques, and more. Noticing trends in your behavior as well as your children's can deepen your understanding of your family's emotional needs. Learn more about how the OFW Journal can better your family's emotional well-being.


Organize you records as you want them.

Easy to print records when you need them.

Customizable and printable journal reports make collecting your thoughts simple. Sort based on author, creation date, privacy settings, and more. Never scramble for the important details you need ever again.