Track shared expenses and payments with the Expense Log

the math doesn't have to be hard

The OFW Expense Log makes it easy for families to manage and track their financial obligations.The math doesn’t have to be hard.

The Expense Log allows co-parents to share and track their expenses and payments from separate households. From one time expenses like medical reimbursement to recurring expenses like child support, OFW makes it incredibly easy for your family to manage it financial obligations.

  • Introducing OFWpay™ - The OFWpay™ system allows parents to make documented, electronic payments for transactions like un-reimbursed medical expenses using the OurFamilyWizard® Expense Log. The math doesn’t have to be hard.
  • Individual or Recurring payments - Scheduling future payments like child support or reimbursement for upcoming field trip has never been easier, payments are made securly and documented.
  • Split expenses - The Expense Log will automatically calculate each parent’s share of an expense based on its type and approval status.
  • Ask and approve - Keep accurate records of requests for reimbursement, not just paid expenses.
  • Easy to use reports - Get the information you need without the fuss, create reports by individual transaction, summary of transactions, statistical reports and more.
  • Notification - The message board will receive automatic updates any time a new expense is entered. This way you will always know when a new expense has been entered or an expense has been approved.
  • Track payments. - Once you have received payment, you can mark an expense as paid. There are no surprises, you will know what expenses are paid, waiting and refused at a glance.