Track shared expenses and payments with the Expense Log

the math doesn't have to be hard

The OFW Expense Log makes it easy for families to manage and track their financial obligations.The math doesn’t have to be hard.

The Expense Log allows co-parents to share, calculate, and track expenses and child support from separate households. OFW® makes it incredibly easy for families to manage financial obligations, get a clear picture of child-related costs, and be able to make smart decisions about family spending. When expense and payment tracking is made simple, you'll reduce confusion and stress that so often surrounds shared parenting money management. Best of all, less time and frustration spent dealing with expenses means more time and energy to spend focused on your children.

Simple yet secure tools to make your life easier.

Stress-free online payments - The OFWpay™ system allows parents to make documented, electronic payments for transactions like child support or unreimbursed medical expenses. OFWpay™ streamlines payments and reimbursements between parents through the website while keeping each parent’s financial account information secure.

Simplify money transfers - Set up timely payments one-time reimbursements or recurring payments for things like child support, alimony, or medical expenses. Every transaction is thoroughly documented in the OFW® Expense Log, creating proof that payments were made and received.

Track child-related spending - Having a clear picture of shared parenting costs helps to promote financial stability in both your and your co-parent's homes. Using the OFW® Expense Log, you can more clearly see how child support payments, alimony, and other funds are being spent. 

Automatic calculations - When it comes to co-parenting expenses, the math doesn't have to be hard. Calculate each parent’s share of an expense based on its type and approval status. The OFW® Expense Log does the math for you, leaving you with more time and energy to focus on your children.

Clear reports for both parents - Get the information you need without hassle. Reporting tools allow you to customize your reports based on transactions, statistics, categories, and more. Download these reports or print from your home at no additional cost.

Avoid conflict - End miscommunication and confusion about child-related costs by getting straight to the facts. Just enter the expense details, upload a receipt, and send the request. Expense and payment histories are maintained indefinitely, leaving you with a precise view of what was requested, paid, and what is still owed.

Store receipts - Parents can upload receipts to each expense they create. More than just expense receipts, payment receipts for OFWpay™ transactions as well as payments made outside of OFW® are saved indefinitely. 

Accessible yet protected - We aim to provide you with easy-to-use tools that keep your information highly secure. Protect all of your activity with a username and password, multiple levels of encryption, firewalls, high SSL certificates and more. Your expense entries are also protected and cannot be edited or deleted by the other parent at any time. 

Get notifications - Alerts keep you up-to-date about new expenses, new payments, and more. Parents are always notified any time a new expense is created, updated, approved, and when payments are made.