Surviving Valentine's Day After Divorce

Valentine's Day can be a tough one, especially fresh after a recent divorce or separation. It can be even more difficult when children are involved and you are the one who is left at home alone. But, if it is not your weekend to have the kids, try to take advantage of it. Here are some tips to help you make the best of a sometimes tough emotional holiday.

Number 1 - don't to spend Valentine's Day alone. Call up a friend, visit a relative, volunteer at a local food shelf, go to the library, just get out and be around people. What ever you do, don't sit at home alone and watch all the sappy love movies on cable.

Number 2 - avoid "romantic" places, especially ones that have sentimental value to you. The last thing you want to see after a fresh break is a couple getting all lovey dovey.

Number 3 - don't contact the ex. May seem like a good idea, but its not.
You must not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES make any contact with your ex on Valentine's Day. This includes:
• Texting your ex
• Calling your ex and hanging up
• Calling you ex to listen to their voice on their answering machine
• Emailing your ex
• Writing a long love letter to your ex
• Sending your ex a Valentine's Day card

Number 4 - don't contact your ex's friends, nearly as bad of an idea as contacting the ex.

Number 5 - don't go to places where your ex is likely to be, Whether it's school, the movies, the gym or the mall - avoid those places like the plague.

These are just tips, your relationships was yours, you know what will be tough for you emotionally, so be smart.