Supporting Adult Children as Co-Parents on OurFamilyWizard

Learn how OFW can support co-parents with adult children.Co-parents of older children, like college students, might not run into the same hiccups as co-parents of younger children do. Yet that doesn't mean that they can't arise or that co-parents still don't have plenty of information that needs to be shared between one another. Co-parenting doesn't end altogether when the kids become adults, but how can co-parents stay connected and keep their important family details organized without creating conflict?

In the United States, it's not uncommon for children to turn 18 years old and continue relying on their parents for certain things, like health insurance, school tuition, housing support, and more for several years to come. Much of these details pertain to information that is best kept secure but needs to be available to both parents. If parents were using a secure system for maintaining documents, tracking expenses and reimbursements, and managing communication before their children hit adulthood, keeping up with the same routine moving forward could certainly continue to benefit the family.

Many co-parents of minor children turn to OurFamilyWizard to support the management of their shared parenting communication, yet the tools included in this platform can still be useful even after the kids head to college or elsewhere. Parents of adult children can use the OurFamilyWizard toolset to:

  • Share secure details such as insurance information and medical records for their adult children
  • Maintain a register of shared payments for college tuition, housing, and more
  • Send secure reimbursements via OFWpay™
  • Build a shared calendar of important family dates to share with your adult children
  • Keep one-on-one communication in one secure place that cannot be tampered with

Even though they might be adults, kids will always be kids to their parents. Instead of changing methods of connection altogether and possibly hitting unnecessary pitfalls or hiccups in communication, co-parents who continue to use the OurFamilyWizard toolset for communication even with adult children may find it easier to stay connected and focused on what continues to matter most.