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Ohio Financial Planning Resources

  • Amy Whitlatch
    Since 1997, I have specialized in assisting over 400 individuals and couples navigate the financial aspects of divorce or dissolution. My work supports and complements the legal process, but cannot replace the necessity for legal advice. My training and practice as a Certified Financial Planner™, ongoing training in specific areas of divorce financial analysis, mastery of specialized planning tools, understanding of local divorce laws, and training in areas such as mediation and collaborative divorce techniques qualify me to add a layer of financial expertise to help clients better understand the financial ramifications of a settlement.
  • Cynthia Rogers
    In all of our lives change is always a constant. Events such as marriage, divorce, loss of employment, birth of children, college funding and even death create changes in our lives. These changes often directly effect our financial situation. It is vitally important for us to understand exactly where we stand financially at all times in our lives. We must plan for our financial future, making changes as our lives change, using an expert to guide us and keep our financial goals on track.

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