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Mediation Resources for parents in Canada

  • A Place for Mediation
    Our expert practitioners have been helping you successfully to resolve all your conflicts since 1985.
  • DIALOGIC Mediation Services
    Turning conflict into conversation
  • Dr. Larry Fong
    Dr. Fong has been appointed President of the following organizations: Alberta Family Mediation Society, Family Mediation Canada, the Psychologists Association of Alberta, the College of Alberta Psychologists and most recently the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR).
  • Family Mediation Nova Scotia
    Family Mediation Nova Scotia
  • Grasslands Mediation
    A private practice mediation service committed to resolving conflicts in ways that empower YOU to take charge of YOUR life and the issues you have to deal with.
  • Harper & Associates
    Gary Harper, through Harper and Associates, provides has been working with the people side of organizations by providing conflict resolution and communication training, facilitation and mediation services...
  • The Mediation Centre
    Family or business mediation, training, coaching, arbitration and rentals located in Barrie Ontario

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