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Canadian law firms and lawyers

  • Family Law Centre at Ricketts, Harris LLP
    To help clients get some preliminary understanding of the situation they're in the Family Law Centre site attempts to provide information on a wide range of topics. But the information set out is not legal advice and no one should rely upon anything they find here as a substitute for consulting with an experienced family law lawyer.
  • Galbraith Family Law
    Galbraith Family Law is a firm in Barrie, Ontario specializing in Collaborative Practice. They offer peaceful separation and divorce resolutions.
  • MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman LLP
    MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman LLP is a full-service Western Canadian business law firm with offices in Regina, Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon.
  • Marion F. Korn, ll.b, ll.m. – Family dispute resolution
    Marion Korn is a Family Lawyer who helps you fully understand your current circumstances so you can build a workable future based on mutual respect.
  • Mark G. Perry Law Corporation
    Mark G. Perry Law Corporation specializes in British Columbia Family Law: marriage and separation agreements; divorce; child custody and asset division. Two offices. Located in S. Granville and the Kerrisdale area of Vancouver, BC
  • Norman B. Pickell's Legal Web Reference
    Norman Pickell is a lawyer, mediator, and arbitrator based in Goderich, Ontario. He has the background and skills to mediate or arbitrate a variety of disputes and to deal with most areas of a general law practice.
  • Steven Benmor - Barrister & Solicitor
    Toronto Family Lawyer
  • Taylor McCaffrey LLP
    One of Winnipeg’s largest law firms. Proven Expertise. Global Connections. Community Commitment.

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