The right co-parenting tools can keep everyone on schedule

Ex Not Picking Up the Kids on Time

Ex Not Picking Up the Kids on TimeCo-parenting after divorce creates many new challenges for families, one of which being the need to coordinate schedules between two homes.  Keeping your kids on a consistent schedule is key to maintaining a routine, yet it’s not always easy to keep your kids on time when one parent struggles to communicate in a timely manner.  If your ex is not picking up the kids on time, employing a co-parenting tool like OurFamilyWizard can be beneficial in documenting and keeping your ex accountable for this issue.  Here’s some ways the features available through OFW can help:

  • Share a calendar.  Keeping two separate calendars is not effective when parenting is spread between two homes.   The OurFamilyWizard Calendar is entirely web-based, so both parents can input and access the dates and times that kids need to be to activities, when parenting time exchanges occur, and much more, all in one place.   Parents working off one OFW Calendar will be able to see the last time the other parent viewed it, keeping both parents accountable in knowing what’s on the family schedule and in keeping the kids on time.
  • Get notifications.  Last minute changes to your family’s agenda can occur, so get alerted when it does.  Keep your kids on time by receiving text or email notifications about any edits made to the calendar, or any last minute messages sent to you.  These alerts will let you know exactly what, when and by whom information was posted, helping you to review new information on OurFamilyWizard as it comes in.   In the case of a random schedule change, getting notified about it can save you from being the one who’s not picking up the kids on time.
  • Keep a journal.  Maybe you’re in high conflict co-parenting situation and use a shared calendar, but still your ex is not picking up the kids on time.  Keeping a journal of late pick-ups and other significant notes let you record when this happens.  You can keep private entries for only you to see, or share them with other family members and your attorney.
  • Share with your attorney.  Keep your attorney in the loop about late pick-ups by granting them access to your OFW account.  Attorney access is free and gives a bird’s eye view of your calendar, messages, journals, etc.  Inviting your attorney to oversee your account lets you keep all of your documentation about your ex not picking up the kids on time - and your communication with your attorney about it - in once secure place.


Create an OurFamilyWizard account for your family to have access to all these features and much more.  With the tools available through OFW, both parents stay accountable about sticking to the schedule and keeping the kids on time.  

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